If you are a one (wo)man show that wants a pla ce to bounce ideas, hear feedback, or simply ask does this seem right - our sound boarding services are for you. 


Your investment of $200/month will secure TWO hours of sound boarding time.  Want to call 30 minutes a week? One hour every two weeks? Or whenever you need help?  All those options are on the table.  


Small Business Consulting:
Trying to start a business? Increase sales? Research the competition?  We can help with all sift through and help answer the questions that you have about business while providing you with actionable steps for their solution.

Organization Consulting:  Strategic planning and organizational effectiveness are the A+ Solution to having any effective organization from municipalities and  performing art centers to chambers and festivals.  


Do You Need Our Services Test1. Do you know where you're going? Are they specific and do they fulfill your organizational mission?
2. Do you have actionable steps to get there? Has there been forethought to the processes that will have to be put in place to achieve said goals?
3. Do you have measurable indicators of success? Are they defined by the goals, steps, and outcomes from points 1 & 2?  
If you answered no to any of these - call us today to see how we can help

Event Services

With a background in event management, we can jump in and be the second set of hands you've needed. 

From the pre-planning stages through post-event economic impact reporting, our event services can fit your needs. 


Check out our list of services:
~Logistics & Coordination
~Vendor Management
~ Artist Booking
~Grant Writing
~Press Relations & Media Services
~Day of Content Creation
~Festival & Event Audit
~Economic Impact Study
Need help with something not listed? Call us, we'd be happy to help.

Marketing & Content

You name it, we've done it. Our marketing services are geared toward businesses and organizations in rural communities with an emphasis on the hospitality, tourism, and event industries.  There is no project too big or too small.  We can help you lay the foundation or be a part of building the content daily.  Either way, our mission in marketing for you is to build community by being authentic.  That's what resonates and that's what will keep people coming back.  Small towns have a charm, your marketing in such places should echo the real, personable organization you are!  Don't be afraid of it, lean into it.  


What We Can Do~Brand Strategy 
~Content Creation
Creating on Brand:
Photos, Videos, Graphics, Copywriting, Blogging, etc.
~Collateral Creation
Anything that's printed or physically present from business cards and rack cards to giveaways and shirt design.  

~Marketing Plans, Analytics, & Audits
If you are not tracking what you put out, how do you know it's working? We will go through all your current marketing evaluating for effectiveness, ROI, and brand consistency.  We will report the A+ Solution to any problems we find.

Data & Analytics

Making data-driven decisions should become apart of your day to day operations.  Data-driven decisions increase efficiency and cut through the white noise.  It can tell if you're marketing has been reaching your target audience or what your customer sentiment is.  This information should inform where you spend your money and how you cultivate new customers as well as retain old ones. 


See What We Can Do

~Website Tracking
Install or Evaluate Google Analytics for traffic patterns, customer funnels, and ad efficiency 

~Economic Impact (EI)
Every festival and event should be conducting Economic Impact surveys and reports for EVERY event.  Don't guess.  Count.  Know your attendance numbers: who came, why, where they went, how long they stayed, and how they heard about you.  It is ALL important. Then package your data into reports for stakeholders and nay-sayers. Sound data is hard to refute.

~Customer/Attendance Surveys
As a part of EI or on its own, knowing what customers or attendees think, want, feel is important.  Ask for quotes to use in marketing, get them to tell the story you can't.  

~Social Media
Too many times we spin our wheels on ineffective campaigns across social platforms but how would you ever know if you don't evaluate the data.  Let us deep dive into your organic and paid media strategies to see what's working and what's not. 

Email is not dead. It's still one of the top ways to connect immediately with an audience that has deliberately chosen to listen.  But are you saying the right thigns?  Are you connecting and resonating or just becoming part of the inbox noise?  

What our clients are saying

“A+ Solutions sound boarding has been the tool I didn’t know I needed to help me strategize, plan, and develop our organization’s role in the community. Austin has a wealth of knowledge to share and provides individualized recommendations  to make your organization successful.” 

- Anna LaGrone, Chamber President